May 18, 2018 in Lisichansk city, Lugansk region the certificates were awarded to the trainers, who have been trained under the program “Children and War. Teaching Recovery Techniques” in February this year. Thanks to 19 new specialists from Lisichansk, Severodonetsk, Gorsky, Rubizhny, 133 children and 71 parents received psychological help and support. The trainers shared the effectiveness of the program and the fact that despite the difficult subject, the children were happy to attend classes and persistently overcome the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder caused by the war. There is already pre-registration to new groups for the autumn. In addition, the project “Helping Hand for Ukraine” is developing rapidly and attracting the attention of new partners. For example, there is a letter from Vita Baydyk, the head of the Regional Psychology Centre at Lugansk Regional Institute of Postgraduate Education: “The work that you do, is invaluable to our situation, Thank you very much This is a great response, I heard only positive feedback! We offer to cooperate in the common cause! “.
We would like to remind you that the funds for the training of specialists from the Lugansk region were collected during the charity concert “Gala of HOPE”, which was held in June 2017 in Zurich (Switzerland) by the Charity Foundation “HOPE worldwide Zurich” and the ensemble “u l t r a s c h a l l”.

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