In early December, the volunteers of “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” Charity Foundation held a learning session on HIV/AIDS prevention in three secondary schools of Kyiv. The meetings with pupils from 7th, 9-11th grades were conducted within the frames of “Peer-to-Peer” project.
Currently, Ukraine ranks one of the top places in Europe in HIV dissemination. According to UNAIDS estimate, over 270 000 HIV-infected people (unofficial data – twice as much) live in Ukraine. Majority of people are infected in the age between 15 and 30 years. Therefore, the experts suggest starting HIV prevention activities already in the age of 12, in other words – with pupils of 7th grade.
This time Foundation’s volunteers conducted the lessons together with the experts who work directly with HIV-infected people. The main goal of such sessions is to spread information about HIV infection in Ukraine, explain teenagers about the ways of HIV transmission and give advice and tips how to keep themselves safe from this disease.

From Профилактика ВИЧ/СПИД среди молодежи в декабре. Posted by БФ “Надія по всьому світові” on 12/30/2015 (6 items)

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