On June 03, 2015, the second therapy sessions for children, traumatized by war in Eastern Ukraine, have been
conducted in Korostyshiv (Zhytomyrska oblast) within the pilot stage of the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project.
Volunteers-psychologists engaged in the Helping Hand for Ukraine” went to the temporary camp for IDPs (internally displaced persons) in Korostyshiv for the second time. They held second therapy session for two groups of children: for the youngest ones (20 children, 6-12 years old) and for a group of teenagers (8 children). Our supervisor and professional trainer of “Children and War. Teaching Recovery Techniques” program, Natalya Podolyak, provided consultation and methodic support on spot for the team of psychologists.
This weekend, the psychologists will go to Korostyshiv again to conduct a third therapy session for children and a second session for parents. In total, they plan to hold 6 sessions for each group of children and parents during the pilot stage of the project.

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