On September 26, the volunteers of our Foundation visited Mostyshche boarding school. The main goal of the trip was to teach children how to adjust to hiking and camping conditions. Warm autumn day, picnic and outdoor competitions added to the success of the program.
The volunteers set so called “stations” on the school territory. At the first station children learned how to set up a tent. At the second one the children, guided by Tetyana Kobets, a health professional, learned how to provide first aid: put a bandage and dress wounds. At the third station children, guided by Yulia Barabash, a florist, made wreaths of autumn leaves.
After the competitions the volunteers and the oldest students started a bonfire to cook pilaf. Tasty dinner for children, teachers and volunteers has become a logical final point of the program. Everyone felt the spirit of hiking singing songs and playing guitar. The children liked it a lot. We thank everyone who took part in the program!

From Сентябрьская поездка в Мостыщенскую школу-интернат. Posted by БФ “Надежда по всему миру” on 10/07/2015 (52 items)

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