The summer program of the “Star Trek” children’s camp in Svyatogorsk, Donetsk region, is going on. Just during the second shift, 130 schoolchildren from the Slavyansk and Slavyansk region, Kramatorsk, as well as from the gray zone of the eastern part of Ukraine have improved their health. Many children live in families with difficult life circumstances, so they received their tickets through the city guardianship council.
Anyone who has ever been to a summer camp remembers the wonderful atmosphere of fun games, quests, contests, relay races and discos! And besides all this fascinating and eventful program, 30 children from the second camp shift were also trained in self-help techniques according to the “Children and War. Teacing Recovering Techniques”. Group classes with them were conducted by certified trainers Tatyana Bilobrova and Kristina Kravchenko. During the 6 lessons, psychologists told the participants about the symptoms of PTSD and its consequences, but most importantly, they showed them many practices that helped the children improve their psycho-emotional state. The children learned to talk about their feelings and relax, transformed negative thoughts into positive ones, painted, played, struggled with their fears and obsessive thoughts, in general – they became more confident, freer, happier! Someone was able to mourn in the classroom their loss of a father who died after an illness, someone had the courage to talk with their parents about relationship where there was a lot of depreciation and little love and acceptance, and someone learned to live and accept their pain because of frequent quarrels between dad and mom (sometimes due to drunkenness), and at the same time became calmer inside and friendly to others.
Classes on the program “Children and War” took place thanks to the project “Helping Hand for Ukraine”.
We are glad that we can be useful and share our experience with those who need it!

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