Since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, a team of Kyiv psychologists from the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project has trained more than 300 new trainers in the program “Children and War. Teaching Recovering Techniques”. We truly thank you, Iryna Sukhova, Natalia Podoliak and Olena Bozhor, for your dedication, love for your work and people, for your experience and care for the emotional and psychological health of Ukrainians! Most novice coaches are already working with children’s and adult groups on this program and need supervision. Because what is supervision? It is an opportunity to receive support, answers to questions and additional training. You ask, “Why to study again?” There is an answer is in the parable.

One day a student called a teacher to a competition because he was sure that he knew and knew as much as he did, and even more. He offered him to cut firewood (a young student would be definitely smarter than an old teacher!), and he agreed. They started in the morning – the work was in full swing. Within hours, the student heard the teacher’s ax fall silent on a nearby lawn. “Yeah, tired!” – and the student began to cut even faster. In the afternoon the ax fell silent again, then again … The student was very tired, but did not stop for a second. When we summed up in the evening, it turned out that the teacher had won. “How could this happen?! I heard that you stopped and didn’t cut!” Shouted the student. “Yes it’s true. I stopped because I was sharpening my ax at that time”, – the wise teacher replied.

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