On November 27, supervisor of trainers on the program “Children and War. Teaching Recovering Techniques”, which was conducted by Kiev psychologist of the project “Helping Hand for Ukraine” Irina Sukhova. Classes at the school are held immediately in two groups of children: for 4 and 5 classes. Trainers Yulia Dobrodeeva and Anna Bondareva say that in the very first lesson the children were tense and asked a lot of questions about the goals of the meetings. But after meeting and in-depth discussion of the topic, adoption of the rules, participation in active games, their anxiety decreased and the atmosphere in the group became more comfortable. And chatting over tea with sweets helped create an even more comfortable and homely atmosphere. And by the end of the first lesson they did not want to leave, they said that they liked it and they were waiting for the next meeting. In the third lesson, which was attended by Irina Sukhova, the guys mastered the visual self-help techniques, they took the exercises very seriously, and after that they shared with interest what they were doing and what weren’t, and even offered their ideas and ways to work with stress and fears. We wish each participant effective and useful work!

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