On November 25, as part of the Helping Ukraine Ukraine project, a supervision of one of the classes under the “Children and War. Teaching Recovering Techniques” in the educational complex “Secondary school of the first degree-gymnasium” in the city of Mirnograd, Donetsk region. The coaches Liana Fursova and Olesya Chepenko are already quite experienced: they underwent training on the program in the fall of 2018, after which several groups of children and their parents have already trained self-help techniques. Now in the gymnasium they are conducting two children groups at once. Project psychologist Irina Sukhova came from Kiev for supervision to support and encourage specialists, to answer exciting questions. She was present at one of the classes. In this group of 12 children are 10-12 years old, and each has its own stories related to the war. The guys didn’t get some techniques on the first try, but they tried to be brave and learned to manage their fears, obsessive thoughts and memories. Trainers sensitively guided and encouraged them in this process, created a safe atmosphere for expressing feelings and healing emotional wounds. Good luck and healing to every participant!

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