On November 18, under the project “Helping Hand for Ukraine”, in the Rubezhnoye Luhansk region, supervision for trainers Irina Makovchenko and Marina Volkodav took place. In October 2019 they studied under the program “Children and War. Teaching Recovering Techniques.” Now they are conducting group classes on this program at the Rubezhnoye Industrial Pedagogical College, and project psychologists Irina and Alexey Sukhov came from Kiev to support specialists in their hard work. The members of the group are students of different ages and different social status, but they all have stories related to the war. Many of them were forced to leave their homes, some lost loved ones. “Joint work in the fight against pain and fear brought together such different people,” says Irina Makovchenko. – When we practiced techniques in the lesson, the participants drew the “Ladder of Fear”, thinking through small steps, steps on the path to getting rid of fear. One of the participants was afraid to go into the house of her grandmother, who died tragically. He wanted to overcome his fear, but was very doubtful that he would succeed. Feelings overwhelmed him so much that he could not cope with the task on his own. And then the other members of the group got hooked on him, began to support, offer ideas and solutions (go to the fence, look out the window, go into the canopy with my sister …). Together we coped! And it really rallied the group”.
We wish you continued success on the path to healing the coaches and the whole group!

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