Svetlana Korsun and Tatyana Gozhenko conducted classes on the program “Children and War. Teaching Recovering Techniques” for eleven teachers at the Starobelsk Gymnasium in the Luhansk region. On April 23, psychologists of the project “Helping Hand for Ukraine” of the “HOPE Worldwide Ukraine” charity foundation Irina and Alexey Sukhovs came to support specialists at the last group meeting. During the sessions, participants effectively worked with their fears, anxiety, negative thoughts associated with traumatic military events, they managed to overcome nightmares and intrusive memories. They also shared that they did not expect that they would like so much the training and teaching of self-regulation techniques that are so important in the teacher’s profession! Teachers began to appreciate “time for oneself” more, because they give children so much strength and energy, and forget about themselves. The group meetings have become a kind of “safe place” where you can bring your tiredness, frustration, communicate with colleagues in a completely different atmosphere, give support and receive it. Therefore, the training participants noted a significant team consolidation: they got to know each other more closely and began to clash less often. As a gift, each got a cup of tea that during the breaks will remind them of relaxation techniques.

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