The trainers of the program “Children and the War. Teaching Recovering Techniques” Olga Belichkina and Yaroslav Tanciura work in Severodonetsk in the Lugansk region with two children groups at once: at school No. 16 (11 primary school children) and at school No. 17 (there are also 11 children, but elder, 11-12 years old). On November 26, as part of the Helping Hand for Ukraine project, Kiev psychologists Irina and Aleksey Sukhov came to supervision to support the trainers and attend one of the classes at school No. 16. Children were very active, carried out various techniques and exercises on relaxation with interest, mastered breathing exercises to relax muscles and calm. They played with no less enthusiasm. For example, “Pizza”. Standing behind each other in a circle, each participant made pizza on the back of a neighbor: kneading dough, chopped tomatoes, herbs and mushrooms, sprinkled everything with cheese and watered with sauce. An unusual massage turned out, and had fun from the heart!

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