From February 29 to March 2, 2024, the “Children and War. Teaching Recovery Techniques” training took place in Khmelnytskyi. 24 participants from Khmelnytskyi and Khmelnytskyi region, as well as from Vinnytsia, studied the topic of the reasons and overcoming of PTSD, which residents of Ukraine experience during the war. Iryna Sukhova and Nataliya Podolyak, psychologists of the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project, shared their knowledge and experience with the group. New specialists will conduct “Children and War. Teaching Recovery Techniques” therapy sessions. They will teach the participants self-help techniques to overcome stress, fears, pain, losses, to ease own psycho-emotional state.

The training was conducted within the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project in cooperation with partners from CF “Rokada” (Khmelnytskyi) and with the financial support of the Canada-Ukraine Foundation.

Feedback from participants.

Daria Tsechmeister: “Expectations from the training were met 100%. I plan to implement the program at the Vinnytsia Technical Vocational College in March-April this year. Thank you for setting hearts alight. Thanks to this many children are healed. With such opportunities, our nation has a great future”.

Liudmyla Bezditna: “The material is presented nicely, it is structured. I plan to implement the program in March in two communities of our region (not far from the city). The training was incredible, the examples were relevant. I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in such training.”

Tetyana Halytska: “I really liked the training. We plan to conduct groups for students at the Khmelnytskyi National University, as well as, perhaps, another group online. The “Children and War. TRT” training was relevant for me, because I work with people on a psychological platform as a volunteer and I receive for such first aid. I also want to help my loved ones and teach them self-help exercises. Many thanks to the wonderful trainers for easy and clear presentation of the material.”

Maryna Sulimenko: “The training is incredible. I feel full and with growing wings. I plan to conduct groups at secondary school #12 in March-April this year. “Children and War. TRT” is a program that helps children and adults overcome their fears, traumas, and experiences not on paper, but in practice.”

Alla Verbolovych: “You have exceeded my expectations. I plan to implement the program in the nearest future at Lyceum #7 in Khmelnytskyi. Many thanks to the trainers and the organizing team for the fulfilling days, for the up-to-date material, sincerity and high professionalism.”

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