In November, in the framework of the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project the classes on the program “Children and War: Teaching Recovery Techniques” began in Pokrovsk, the Donetsk Region. At the same time, in several schools, children and their parents are studying such a difficult topic for them as the trauma of war and PTSD, investigating the traumatic events of their lives and their consequences on their psycho-emotional state. In this they are helped by the coaches of the program “Children and War” – Katerina Kovtun, Yulia Rogoza, Oksana Teslya, Inna Bulavina, Lyudmila Kononenko, Ksenia Kochetova, Olesya Chepenko, Liliana Gelikh. Both children and parents master self-help techniques in order to learn how to cope with obsessive memories, fears, nightmares, stress. Of course, the topics of conversations evoke different emotions, not everything is easy and the first time it turns out, but all the participants in-group lessons are great! They sincerely and openly share about their experiences, draw, diligently carry out all tasks, and play during breaks (and with great pleasure both children and adults!). One of the favorite exercises of the majority is the “Safe place”, and it really gives a lot of strength to move on! We wish all the great results!

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