At the end of November 2018, the classes on the program “Children and War: Teaching Recovering Techniques” began in five more schools in Pokrovsk, the Donetsk region. The coaches of the program Valentina Voskoboynik, Victoria Antonova, Olga Ivanova, Alina Miller, Olga Poslavskaya, Evgenia Talkova, Anna Bondareva, Yulia Dobrodeeva, Natalya Berezhko and Yana Stepura give their hearts to working with children and their parents.

According to experts, the atmosphere in the groups is warm, cozy, trusting, that allows participants to talk about important, necessary and complex things associated with war and traumatic events. It is difficult and causes ambiguous emotions, but both adults and children try, support each other, and by common efforts master self-help techniques for dealing with stress, frightening dreams and intrusive memories. Most manage to exercise muscle relaxation and transformation of negative thoughts into positive ones. The coaches say that after several meetings, the children share their fears and traumatic events more and more boldly, argue and draw conclusions like little philosophers, and know how to help themselves in various emotionally difficult situations. Therefore, new knowledge and experience gained in the classroom are useful and helpful!

Thanks to each coach for your work and your kind loving hearts!

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