In the framework of the project “Helping Hand for Ukraine”, the classes on the program “Children and War: Teaching Recovery Techniques” began in three educational institutions of the Luhansk region. The first lesson with fifth graders at specialized school No. 7 in Rubezhnoe was a positive one: even very shy and timid children began to unfold. Happy and satisfied, they are waiting for the next meeting with each other and with the coaches – Angelina Semenchenko and Svetlana Reshetnyak. But at the Swatovo boarding school (coaches Alyona Dorogavtseva and Vera Gubka) everything happened quite differently. From the very beginning, the guys were quite wary of the coaches, as of people whom they had seen for the first time, andof everything that happened on the group. But the new furry friend, whom they called Baguette, and closer acquaintance and communication in a circle helped to create a warm and trusting atmosphere. Now it will be possible and to work effectively with fears, terrible dreams and stress, as with the consequences of the trauma of war. The classes also began in Chmirovsky SEC “School I degree-gymnasium”. Here, the trainers Lilia Bobyleva and Alyona Kasyanenko helped the children to master the “Screen” exercise and the technique with a double attention focus. Not everyone managed to “turn off” the image and “turn on” a positive picture the first time, but under the experienced guidance of psychologists, the guys finally coped with these tasks and are ready to practice them at home! It should be noted that in parallel with children, coaches work with their parents: they teach them the art of communication with their children, they practice the same techniques with them and teach them how to self-help with PTSD. We wish all success and excellent results!

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