On October 21, the volunteers of “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” charity foundation had a trip to the boarding school in Mostyshche village. The programs were held in different age groups. For the smallest kids Marina Kondratenko and Natalia Koroleva conducted art therapy and active games. As a part of the “Superbook” club with the kids of higher age the project manager Genya Alexeev and his team watched the cartoons about Robik after which the children vividly asked questions, discussed the Bible stories and recalled the lessons of the last school year, played games and drank tea with sweets. For teenager girls Yana Filonenko invited a special guest who organised a skin care master class. The participants also talked about table manners and had a tea party. And the boys of the higher grades played football. During the training Volodya Mos’ taught the kids some techniques and peculiarities of playing the ball. After finishing all the events the volunteers passed to their charges the humanitarian supplies, the clothes, that made the kids feel happy.

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