In July-August 2018, within the framework of “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project in the city of Ukrainsk, the Donetsk region, Ukraine, therapeutic classes were held on the program “Children and War: Teaching Recovery Techniques”. A group of several 13-15-year-olds who did not leave the city during the summer holidays saw for themselves the opportunity to spend their free time interestingly and profitably. And the mayoralty of this small town provided its premises and in every possible way facilitated the conduct of classes. The trainers of the program Marina Fedosova and Elena Gaviada helped the children learn the techniques of relaxation and ways to get rid of obsessive memories, painted with them fears and nightmares to reduce the level of anxiety and stress. Specialists noted with regret that in the fifth year of the war, the children had a persistent fear of people in military uniform. It is very sad. And this is one of the reasons why the program is really needed and important in the zone of military operations of Ukraine. In addition to the resource techniques taught by teens, to a warm and inspiring work environment, they spent really summer tea drinking – tea with biscuits and grapes, pink and white … home, sweet! This year in the Donetsk region a good harvest of grapes! To support children and coaches, on August 16, Irina and Alexey Sukhov came to Ukrainsk to supervise. Thank you for your work in the project and not indifferent hearts!

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