On March 23-25, within the framework of the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project, a training on the program “Children and War. Teaching Recovering techniques” took place. The event took place in Boryslav, Lviv region. Today, this small town is filled with people who have left their cities and are seeking refuge, many of whose homes have been destroyed. Now there are more than 5,000 internally displaced persons, and people are coming and going … Locals are concerned about the new residents: they provide them with housing in schools and in their own homes, help with food, medicine and clothing. Master classes are organized here for children, and for adults they have the opportunity to participate in volunteer work and even conduct Ukrainian language courses.
The training was initiated by Vira Mykhailivna Starovoitova, a practical psychologist at the Boryslav Institution of General Secondary Education of the 1st-3rd grades №4 named after S. Kovalev, where training was organized for 20 specialists – school psychologists, employees of the center of social services, teachers, doctors. Iryna Sukhova, a Kyiv psychologist and project leader of the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project, taught them. They talked about psychological trauma, the consequences of military events in the psyche of children and adults, about ways to overcome these consequences. Participants asked many questions about children and parents, actively studied the practical techniques of the program “Children and War”. Here is the response left for the organizers by Olga, one of the participants of the event: “Thank you very much for the techniques and exercises, they are useful. But this is only part of what we received in 3 days. 80% – it was about us, our perception of war, working with our pain. That was the most valuable thing”.

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