Good, Peace and Victory! I am very glad that together with the “Hope Worldwide” Charity Foundation we can help not only Kyiv or the region, but also other cities, especially those that are in a difficult situation.

The coordinator of the volunteer movement Oleksandr Kovtun wrote about this on his Facebook page, reports.

“Volunteers are now like capillaries that disperse and deliver blood of help where it is needed,” he added.

Thanks to the initiative of Oleksandr Symochev, his team and Mykhailo Ozerov, medicines were collected and delivered to Kharkiv.

“I asked for a photo report, but was a little shocked to receive a video response from Sergei Zhadan himself (at whose performance we were together with Natasha Kovtun six months ago). I will be in a good mood today,” the coordinator wrote.

(You can watch the video on the page:



Thank you to everyone who cares for financial help !!!


Our humanitarian aid coordinator for Kiev and Kiev region:
Kovtun Alexander +380504465864
PrivatBank 5363 5420 2005 3337
Monobank 5375 4114 0723 3985

Evacuation of the population from “hot spots” in Kyiv and the Kiev region:
Vitaly Globenko
PrivatBank card 5169 3600 0746 6067

Provision of procurement assistance for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard of Ukraine, Kyiv Territorial Defense Forces :
Kovtun Alexander +380504465864
PrivatBank 5363 5420 2005 3337
Monobank 5375 4114 0723 3985

To help in cashless payment
NGO “Institute of Freedom of Speech”
USREOU code 37825685
R / r UA 78 3808 0500 0000 0026 0013 4974 6 in JSC “Raiffeisen Bank Aval” Kyiv
MFI 380805
Purpose of payment: Non-refundable financial assistance. Without VAT

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