In April, in Svatovskaya Secondary School No. 2, in the Luhansk region, classes in the program “Children and War. Teaching Recovering Techniques” were held in two groups at once. Coaches Irina Belaya, Victoria Silischeva, Valeria Khvorostyan and Tatiana Borzilo were engaged in children. In one of the groups, children from one class received psychological support, and in the other, children gathered who, despite their young age, had already experienced difficult events in their lives and were in need of psycho-emotional assistance. Both groups were successfully completed, the participants were satisfied with the classes, and the results of diagnostics (testing) showed a significant improvement in the condition of children. Changes in the second group were especially welcome: every step in healing and exercises were not easy for the children, but they managed this despite of great difficulty! And we are happy for everyone who was able to take part in the program!

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