They say the elderly are similar to kids. This is true to some extent. They are weaker, their health needs constant attention and care, and they are always awaiting their relatives and friends, they are happy to receive simple presents, especially sweets. However, contrary to children, they have a long life experience – they remember a lot and they like to tell stories form their lives, keep the photos from old days. Young couples might wonder looking at the old couple, whether they would stay together and live happily ever after. However, sometimes, it happens that the elderly have to stay at nursing home. For over 2 years, the volunteers of our Foundation have visited veterans and disabled people who reside in one of the nursing homes on the outskirts of Kyiv. They started from the simple things: cleaning the territory of the nursing home, took care of the elderly, organized walks with those in wheel chairs. Then the volunteers decided to hold a festive event dedicated to the Victory Day on May 9. The program consisted of a festive concert, banquet with tasty sweets and a play. That was a true start of their relations. The volunteers used every opportunity to talk to the elderly about their lives, families, about the war. Many veterans long awaited these questions and were happy to tell their stories. Thanks to the meetings, the residents of the nursing home got new friends. Now they meet on the regular basis, discuss interesting topics, spend time together. If you are interested to become a volunteer in the nursing home for elderly, please, contact us at +380978398886.

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