“My name is Tetyana. My son Yuriy was diagnosed with 4th stage cancer. He had a tumor on the entire abdomen. It is impossible to put into words what I experienced for the first few months. It was the highest possible level of pain. After the first stage of chemotherapy, my kid had open wounds in the intestine where the tumor was. No one saw what was inside, but the skin was coming off with Band-Aids. When the child is in such a stance, he is given antibiotics in order to raise the level of white blood cells in the blood, And it is only possible for the child to receive platelets (cells responsible for blood clotting) and hemoglobin child from donor blood. Yuriy had internal bleeding. He was given 2-3 dosage packets of platelet concentrate a day. A phrase “need in donors” does not say enough. Try holding your breath for a minute and then tell me if you need oxygen. After the infusion of platelet concentrate, the blood clotting increases and bleeding stops. Now you can imagine what donor blood meant for my son. It was a choice – to survive or surrender.
After the first stage chemotherapy, his wounds healed. In June, after six more stages, we were discharged from the hospital. On the 1st of September Yuriy went to school.”

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