On June 26-29, 2023 a retreat for 10 psychologists of the “Children and War. Training Recovery Techniques” program took place in Truskavets, Lviv Region, within the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project. This was the event for trainers who have worked relentlessly within the project, since the beginning of the full-scale war against Ukrain. They train groups of new trainers, supervise them, coordinate the work of groups in all regions of Ukraine and abroad, and also work “in the fields”: they themselves conduct therapy courses for children and their parents. The purpose of the retreat was the psycho-emotional relief and relaxation of the psychologists, also to finally meet together, communicate face-to-face, and feel themselves as a team. The participants have shared about the atmosphere and importance in their feedback.

Feedback from participants.
Olena Bozhor: “This retreat was incredibly heartwarming and inspiring! Our circle was very cosy, my soul was healing, it was so much needed in such difficult times! Thank you very much for such a wonderful and intensive program, where there was time to heal the body and soul. I liked everything ! SPA activities, master classes, our trip to Synevyr, gala dinner, photo shooting, and a violinist! Many thanks to all the organizers, donors! I’m delighted!”

Iryna Sukhova and Oleksiy Sukhov: “Unbelievable time! During war, losses, inhuman tension, suddenly there has been an opportunity to reload our nerve system and brain, our thoughts and feelings. During the times like these, it looks like a miracle, but it is very timely and very therapeutic. The real-life communication was the most valuable during this retreat – we missed each other so much, the looks, the hugs, the shared laughter. We were even eating at a common large table in order to use every minute, to be together! The intensive program was rich and interesting. Many thanks to the guide Mr. Andriy for a thousand stories from the life of carps, the inhabitants of the Carpathians. Thanks to Ms. Oksana Voloshyna and Ms. Zoryana Leniv for the master classes, interesting facts about external and internal care. And in fact, care was felt in everything – delicious food in the hut, hospitality of the “Alkor” hotel, relaxation in the pool and saunas of the SPA center. And the violinist Roman, a real maestro, has charmed us all. But the most valuable moments were in ourselves, in our communication, in the opportunity to go shopping for embroidered blouses together or to walk in the streets of Truskavets and get lost there. Waving to each other on the lift in the mountains. Sharing sandwiches on the bus. Taking a picture of someone taking a picture. A special big thank you to the long-time friends and partners of our project, “HOPE worldwide Canada” charity organization, for the opportunity to organize such a resourceful trip and to Oksana Voloshyna for the organization! We are looking forward to winter to repeat it!”

Tetyana Oboyanska: “A difficult period, during which a lot of support was given to children and adults. Exhaustion from the war. And this was a great opportunity to rest, switch focus, recover, be in the circle of friends and like-minded people, dream together about the victory! Inspiration to work further because of the huge support. Gratitude to the Universe, team and sponsors for the opportunity to reload ourselves!”

Serhiy Sergeyev and Yana Sergeyeva: “Thank you very much for the opportunity to join an incredibly resourceful and interesting event! Despite the terrible present in our homeland in the east of Ukraine, we felt real relaxation and had the opportunity to recharge. An incredible trip to Synevyr, a friendly circle of colleagues, live music – that’s all which inspires to continue work with new forces, to be useful and to bring our victory closer!”

Olena Dorohavtseva: “The impressions are incredible. In short, I haven’t sung since 2014. And you have managed to inspire me. For the first time since that time, I really wanted to do it, and singing didn’t evoke terrible memories and tears. My soul was singing. It has managed, at least for a while, to relax in the circle of like-minded people, real friends, family! Now I love mountains again. I am inspired by them. Today I was even drawing them. I am infinitely grateful for this time, communication and support.”

Khrystyna Kravchenko: “I am very happy to share my impressions of the incredible three days in Truskavets! Firstly, thank you for the wonderful opportunity to visit this place! Secondly, for the opportunity to spend time together with our wonderful, friendly team, which has long been a second family to me! And of course, thank you for the wonderful program! The SPA activities on the first day were very relaxing and helped to relieve fatigue and tension. Also, unforgettable experiences from the guided tour to Lake Synevyr, the bear zoo. The last day was training in a warm circle of like-minded people that had a very useful and calming effect on me. And finally, a magical gala dinner accompanied by the violin and singing of our friendly team. Thank you very much for the pleasant, useful and unforgettable experiences!”

Tetyana Solovei: “It was the first time I took part in such an event. I am sincerely grateful for the warmth, understanding and support, interesting guided tours, new knowledge and acquaintances. This experience is priceless for me!”

Larysa Sushko: “My “reload” took place in Truskavets: warm hugs and sunny smiles, a trip to the Ukrainian Carpathians – rivers that teach wisdom and how to move forward, forests that roar with invincibility, and mountains that give strength and hope for the best! And the largest high-altitude lake Synevir greeted us with the raining arms and forever remained in my heart! Those were unforgettable days! Travels, conversations in a warm circle, master classes gave us strength for further work. Throughout the entire time, the team felt an atmosphere of trust, care for each other , there was a very warm mood. Thank you to everyone who was there!”

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