In October, as a follow-up to our September seminar for volunteers of the Charity Foundation “HOPE Worldwide Ukraine”, four webinars were held under the general theme “I am renewing!” Webinars are a new format of events for our charitable foundation, and we are glad that everything worked out! Participants in these online master classes were not only our volunteers, but also all those who want and love to develop, including psychologists, educators, parents. Meeting on Saturday morning in Zoom, Kyiv, Bila Tserkva, Slovyansk, Severodonetsk, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kharkiv, as well as participants from Latvia, Poland, Russia greeted each other. We had wonderful coaches with us who raised relevant and useful topics and inspired us to explore ourselves and the world around us, taught us to interact constructively and transform difficult and stressful situations into useful experiences and resources in order to live interesting, happy, fulfilled and with love! To achieve the goals, being in harmony with itself and those who are around!

Here are the topics we covered at the webinars:

* October 3. Film training “Live, win and be happy!” Presenter Sergey Krasin (Kharkiv) – psychologist, head of the Institute for Directed Film Therapy and Filming, President of the Association of Child and Family Psychologists of Ukraine.
* October 10. “Difficult behavior of a difficult child”. Presenter Marina Sorokina (Kiev) – psychologist, family therapist, expert of the TV show “Talk Ukraine”.
* October 17 – “Emotional Intellect”. Presenter Natalia Gordynia (Kiev) – trainer, practicing psychologist, candidate of psychological sciences, associate professor, deputy director of the “Regional Center for Advanced Studies of the Kiev Region”.
* October 24 – “Art Class: Me and My Stress”. Presenter Tatiana Oboyanskaya (Rubizhne) – psychologist, trainer of the program “Children and War. Teaching Recovery Techniques”.

We thank all participants for their activity, experience, energy and positiveness!

Here are some reviews:

Natalia, Kyiv (film training “Live, win and be happy!”): “I discovered film-making and film therapy! Many thanks to the organizers and Sergey Krasin! I understood the problems of adaptation not only of other people who have moved to another country, but also of my own”.

Julia, Dnipro (webinar “Difficult behavior of a difficult child”): “I was able to see myself from the outside, mistakes that I make in relationship with my daughter, I also saw fears in my behavior towards the child, which extend from childhood. Thank you for the technique, where with the help of questions you can point out problematic relationships and reactions in the family”.

Julia, Kiev (webinar “Emotional Intellect”): “It was a good webinar, thank you! I always want to hear about how important it is to have emotional intelligence and develop it, that it helps relationships to be of quality and fulfilling. It’s just that sometimes it’s so difficult in a relationship that you realize more and more how important it is for all of us to learn to communicate correctly”.

Natalia, Kiev (Art class: “Me and my stress”): “Tatiana, brilliant, very intense, professional and effective! I personally took a lot for myself, worked through the situations and saw patterns and resources, solutions. I especially want to note your charm and positive: they play a decisive role! THANKS!!!”

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