All participants of the “Children and War. Teaching Recovery Techniques” group therapy courses have their own stories of healing. This is one of many.

In July 2022, during the rocket attack on Vinnytsia, ten-year-old Nadiyka and her grandmother have been meters away from the explosions in the city center, and where the rocket hit. They have witnessed all the terrible consequences of this event: dead and injured people. But the most painful thing for the girl was the memory of the little boy in the car, who was waiting for his parents. Nadiyka saw him as they passed the car. And after a few minutes there was an explosion. At first, the girl believed that the boy had managed to escape, but after some time she found out that the car was locked… The girl told about this at the 4th session after practicing the “Fear Thermometer” technique. At the last meeting, she thanked the trainers and said the following words: “This memory sat in me like a terrible ball, and I was afraid to tell about it, but now I’m not afraid anymore.”

The photos are from te “Children and war. Teaching healing techniques” therapy courses held in May-June 2023 in Vinnytsia. Trainers of the program, Viktoriia Yavdoshchak and Oksana Ryabokon conducted three groups for 40 children. We are grateful to our partners, OutcomesX Social Results Fair and UBS Optimus Foundation, for their kind hearts and support for Ukrainian children.

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