9-11 October 2018 in Odessa in the framework of the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project held a training on the method “Children and War: Teaching Recovery Techniques” for school psychologists and social workers. Now, the trained specialists will conduct therapeutic classes on this program for children and their parents in their schools.

All three days of training in the group had a special, warm and relaxed atmosphere. Teachers and psychologists have gained new knowledge on working with children who have suffered psychological trauma. The knowledge backpack has been replenished with new techniques, games, and now each of them can safely say: “I know what I will say to a child who has experienced life difficulties”.

The training participants expressed their gratitude to the Kiev group of trainers – Irina and Alexey Sukhov, Natalia Podolyak and Snezhana Volokh for their generosity, sincerity and humour during the presentation of the material. They also thanked the Director ONVK number 90 Sergei Ivanov for the warm welcome and a good environment where the classes were held, and cooks – for the delicious dinners!

Feedback from participants:

Diana Polyakova: “For me, as a citizen of Ukraine, the topic of the training is very relevant. Now I have the tools on hand. Learning to deal with your fears with the help of various methods is never superfluous. And if I can help myself, I will help others”.

Tatyana Kozlovskaya: “At the workshop I learned new techniques that can be applied with different groups and in everyday life. It was helpful to make out my personal unpleasant memories and fears. Everything was enough for me! Thank you for the gift of knowledge and positive!”

Svetlana Gubanova: “The theme “Work with injury” was very relevant for me, because we, school psychologists, are always at the forefront and need to replenish the arsenal of methods and techniques to help children, parents, teachers and, of course, ourselves! It is difficult to single out something most useful, because it is a well-thought-out system of technicians, with the “working” techniques! The assessment is as positive as possible, it is impossible to determine the points of trust, professionalism, respect and openness of the coaches. Thanks a lot!”

Svetlana Adamenko: “The first seminar, that refreshed many questions and gave a lot of practice. Everything was useful! Theory, practice, physical training, communication, etc. Not only a couple more days to communicate (smiley) was enough. Workshop that gave knowledge and tools for future use. Three days of intense and productive work were spent in one breath and in a warm atmosphere. Thanks to the coaches! A great team, which I would like to meet again!”

Antonina Buzhbetskaya: “10 on a 10-point scale. We are all traumatized by the war, and we are all inside small children. With their grievances, troubles, pain. The path to healing needs to start with yourself, and you can help others. Received and developed techniques can be used in solving various psychological problems. Techniques are universal. As usual, not enough time! Few! We want more!”

Natalia Gutz: “Thank you! I take a lot of useful information with me. I know how to work with displaced children”.

Maria Kujusova: “Everything was useful, right up to the intonation of the coaches. And all the examples that we practiced on ourselves. Thank you very much for the mood, smiles, tips! Thank you for coming to us!”

Ekaterina Blashchuk: “The topic of the seminar is 100% relevant for me. We have a big “front” of work, so we need the knowledge gained. Everything was absolutely useful! I would like to continue. Thanks a lot! You have succeeded, we hope, and we will also cope with our work”.

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