On October 03, the team of 12 volunteers of our Foundation visited their good old friends – students of the boarding school in Velykopolovetske village. In order to celebrate the beginning of a new school year and the 3rd anniversary of “”Day of Hope”” project in this boarding school, the volunteers organized a picnic with sport games and other entertaining activities.
Good weather added to the festive atmosphere of the event. A lot of children – old friends and new students – stayed at school for the weekend. One could feel that over the summer holidays children rested, refilled their energy reserves, gained strength and even started to miss. It was nice to watch how during spontaneous culinary master-classes children were engaged in cooking different dishes and making drinks. They enjoyed learning how to make pita sandwiches and Mojito drink.
While the youngest were cooking, the older kids and volunteers played football. After the game the food disappeared instantly! Full and happy, students and volunteers played sport games, solved puzzles and won prizes! Some children talked in privacy with the volunteers sharing impressions and memories about summer holidays.
It is very touching to see that children are looking forward to meetings with volunteers. They need communication, care and love.

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