A summer camp for 76 children who were evacuated from the war zone and suffered from the consequences of the war was organized in Kamianets-Podilskyi thanks to the efforts of the NGO “Institute of Freedom of Speech” volunteer Oksana Shakhmatenko and the Charity Foundation “HOPE worldwide Ukraine”.

A charitable entertainment event was recently held in Kamianets-Podilskyi on the territory of the Gala Camp summer camp as part of the program for children undergoing psychological rehabilitation within the “Children and War. Teaching Recovery Techniques” program of “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” in cooperation with “To Children of War” project of “SOS: Civil Defense Headquarters”.

ADAM band and singer Darisha participated in the charity concert. Well-known American entrepreneur and philanthropist Dell Loy Hansen and Deputy Chairman of the Kamianets-Podilsk City Council Dmytro Nazarenko also spoke at the event.

The project donor, philanthropist Dell Loy Hansen gave a welcome speech. He noted that he cannot but admire the courage of the Ukrainian people and believes that children in Ukraine deserve the best future: “Our main goal is to invest in the opportunities of Ukrainian men and women, in their housing, training, development, and most importantly a stable and dignified future. Ukrainians should have even more opportunities to quickly recover from the war”.

The philanthropist emphasized that he admires Volodymyr Zelenskyi and the Ukrainian People and will continue to invest in the future of Ukraine.

Dell Loy Hansen spoke with the children via video link and answered all their questions.

The children asked the American a lot of questions, in particular, whether the benefactor visited Ukraine, whether he saw with his own eyes what is happening here, how much money has already been spent to help Ukraine, how many houses have been built, how many more there will be, how many grandchildren the benefactor has. Mr. Hansen said that he has 50 grandchildren, has already visited Ukraine three times and plans to visit Ukraine again in the nearest future.

In addition, the donor also spoke about his other project, construction of the multi-apartment residential complex “Hansen Town” in the Kyiv region, for families who suffered from the war and lost their homes.

We express special gratitude to the artists who happily responded to the invitation and supported this event on a charitable basis. The band ADAM (Mykhailo Klymenko and Oleksandra Norova) and Darisha (Daryna Krasnovetska, performer of the national anthem of Ukraine at the Maidan of Ukraine for Independence Day) performed their popular tracks “Dance with me slowly”, “Dance sweetly”, “Under the Vinnytsia rain” and others.

The volunteer and project manager of the “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” charity foundation Vitaliy Hlobenko expressed his gratitude to Dell Loy Hansen and his foundation for supporting the therapy camp: “Thanks to this trip, the children will be able to better understand themselves and own emotions, gain practical skills to cope with stress”.

The organizers of the summer camp note that the event itself and the amazing venue gave children and adults joy, happy smiles and unforgettable emotions.

They also thanked everyone who supported the project:
– representative of DELL LOY HANSEN FAMILY FOUNDATION in Ukraine Natalia Zubchenko,
– founder of “SOS: Civil Defense Headquarters”, Anatoliy Kovalskyi,
– coordinator of the “To Children of War” project Svitlana Huminska,
– volunteer and project manager of the CF “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” Vitaliy Hlobenko,
– volunteers Oksana Shakhmatenko, Roman Shakhmatenko and Yana Mayboroda.

The article was published based on the site’s materials https://uainfo.org/

Link to the article https://uainfo.org/blognews/1693211326-amerikanskiy-metsenat-dell-loy-hansen-doluchivsya-do-psihologichnoyi.html

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