On September 19, an annual seminar for volunteers of the Charity Foundation “HOPE Worldwide Ukraine” entitled “I am renewing!” This year, due to the quarantine for COVID-19, it was held in an unusual format for us: within one day (and not two, as before) we held two meetings in small groups of 50 people. And it was so nice to see each other not by video communication on gadgets, but “face to face”, being here and side by side, communicating in short breaks over a cup of tea or coffee with sweets. At the same time, we adhered to all quarantine conditions recommended by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine: according to the number of people per 1 m2 in the room, we measured the temperature of everyone who came at the entrance, used masks and antiseptics.

From 10.00 to 14.00 the event was attended by volunteers who serve in children’s boarding schools, and from 15.00 to 19.00 – all those who support their friends in nursing homes. First of all, the participants were greeted by the President of the Foundation Vladimir Ermakov. In the conditions of quarantine and limited meetings, the mention of the words from the song “It’s great that we all gathered here today” was very helpful and warmed and “smiled” all those present. The speeches of the ministers of the Kiev Church of Christ – Taras Medvedev and Sergei Shiyan – became relevant and useful. Thank you for a spiritual biblical view of the time we are all going through now!

Well, in the main part of the program, there was with us a game master, a children’s composer, poet, author of books, creator and presenter of educational and entertainment programs, as well as just a wonderful and bright person – Nikolai Shoot, who was already beloved by volunteers. Together with him, we played and laughed like children, learned to say compliments and encouraging words to each other, celebrated our victories and shared our achievements, thought about good deeds, dreamed, set goals, trained to work in a team. Dear Nikolai, thank you for your experience, energy, humor, optimism! It was wonderful, resourceful, inspiring with you!

And thanks to all the participants for your desire to learn, develop, achieve and not give up! For your warmth and caring hearts! We are looking forward to our next meetings!

Here are some of the attendees’ feedback on our event:

Evgeny Alekseev (Kiev): “I am very grateful for the seminar organized by the foundation! Many thanks to Nikolai Shoot for the inspiration to see good, positive and beautiful things in life. To bring kindness and support to people. Get rid of negative thoughts about yourself and others. And it’s also very cool when Nick Nick “turns” adults into cheerful and frolicking kids with his games”.

Zhenya Baiduk (Dnipro): “I really liked the seminar with Nikolai Shoot! Thanks to the organizers. As always, everything went in one breath. I especially liked and responded to the advice and recommendations about the renewal of thoughts and about value attitudes”.

Katya Karikova (Kiev): “The seminar was informative. I completely agree with Nikolai Shoot, I am very impressed with his approach. After the event, the volunteers of our team and I went to a cafe, talked, everyone talked about their achievements – they cheered up!”

Irina Khortova-Melchinskaya (Kiev): “I sincerely thank the Charity Foundation “HOPE Worldwide Ukraine” for the opportunity to attend a master class of playwright Nikolai Shoot, whose techniques I have used for many years in my volunteer and professional activities. Each such meeting renews and encourages action. Separately, I would like to note that the presence at the seminar was absolutely safe, because all the quarantine conditions were thought out in advance”.

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