On November 07, 2015, the volunteers of “”HOPE worldwide Ukraine”” Charity Foundation visited children in Mostyshche boarding school. Aiming at developing new skills, creative talents and spiritual knowledge, the volunteers prepared three new projects for children: “”Superbook Club””, “”Women’s Club”” and “”Art-Salon””.
At first the volunteers decorated the room for “”Superbook Club”” meeting participants with balloons and placards. The children watched video-greetings from Robik, president of the club. They played theme games, made Robik model out of paper. The participants of the meeting learned that Superbook is a Bible and listened to several passages from it. All children eagerly engaged in competitions and different activities. At the end of the meeting everyone received presents from Robik and tasty treats from volunteers.
Meanwhile the “”Women’s Club”” meeting was attended by the beautiful girls. The volunteers, Yana Filonenko and Olena Havrysheva, decorated the room, hanged the “”Welcome to the “Women’s Club!”” placard, decorated the table with candles. The main idea of the club is to teach them how to take care of their inner and outer beauty.
During the meeting the girls learned the rules of the club, got notebooks to make written notes, made nice bracelets with the club’s logo – a cherry, socialized and played games. One of the club’s rules is to serve each other. The participants liked this idea so much that they started taking care of each other immediately, making tea and serving the cake. The atmosphere of the meeting was warm and cozy.
During the presentation of the “”Art-Salon”” project the volunteers, Tetyana Tovkach and Tetyana Kobets conducted a master-class on how to make greeting cards out of carton. Children enjoyed making their own cards signing them for their close ones.
We are thankful to all volunteers who took part in the projects. Special thanks go to Ihor Pyshkin, our photographer, for bright photos!
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