On October 24, the volunteers of our Foundation went to the boarding school in Velykopolovetske village. Despite autumn cold and damp weather, children greeted the visitors with warm and sunny smiles.
Due to the autumn break only 20 children were at school, which was disappointing for the volunteers. But on the other hand, they were happy that many children had a place to go for vacation and had someone waiting for them.
The volunteers had an important task on that day – to bring happiness and warmth to those children who stayed at the boarding school for the vacation. The meeting started with hugs.
The volunteers made special preparations for this trip. During the previous visit they discovered that many children did not have warm clothes for winter season. The group of initiative volunteers did their best to find and buy everything needed. Children were trying on the new clothes with joy.
Then, the volunteers and children split into two groups and went to spiritual lessons – “To Know God” (about creation of world and life on Earth) and “Superbook” (introductory lesson). Everyone enjoyed learning together! After the lessons children and volunteers had some tasty treat and watched the “Eden Garden” theme cartoon. Entertaining activities, happy children’s laughter – this is a true reward for volunteers!
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