On December 12, the volunteers of the “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” Charity Foundation went to Trypillya boarding school within the frames of the “Man of the House” Project.
The progress in studying is quite visible. According to Vitaliy Selivanov, the volunteer and participant of the project, “At the start of the project pupils were listening attentively to instructions and tried to repeat necessary actions. And now, at the sixth meeting young students ask for specific task and do it themselves under volunteers’ supervision”.
This time, the students of Trypillya boarding school – Yuriy Tsakhlo, Dmytro Savchenko, Dmytro Kanchura and Oleksandr Khrabryi – watched the work of Valeriy, the carpenter. He installed three doors and inserted two door locks, brought by the volunteer of the Foundation, Serhiy Nazarenko.
Project participants assembled metal studs for plasterboard walls and installed plasterboard walls using the gypsum based mounting glue. They also primed plasterboards, blended edges with tape and gypsum based mounting glue.

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