On April 23, the team of “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” volunteers visited children at Trypillya boarding school. The volunteers came with the new programs for kids. Traditionally, having greeted those who had birthdays this month, the children and volunteers went to classes.
The youngest kids learned the topic “I Can”. They got to know that God gave talents to everyone and each talent is special and needed. It turned out that we can do a lot of good deeds – God gave us everything for that.
The pupils of 5-7 grades were coloring paper eggs. Together with volunteers they discussed the topic of Easter. Boys from 7-9 grades, participants of the “Man of the House” project, made starling boxes. Working in a team they measured, cut and chose the best ways to make the roof, so it would be more comfortable for birds. The boys also made several photo frames and decorated them with ornaments cross-stitched by girls. During the meeting the girls dressed up in their most beautiful dresses, made hairdos, manicure and makeup. And the professional photographer did a real photo-shooting for them.

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