On April 16, the volunteers of the “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” Charity Foundation, together with the new volunteers on the team, visited children at Velykopolovetske boarding school. The youngest children took a serious class on that day: they started with the basics of soap making process. Then, they happily used the results of their work – washing their hands twice as often as needed!
The pupils from primary school took another trip with the “Superbook” heroes. Together with their guides, Halyna Filipenko and Svitlana Velyhorska, they discovered what forgiveness means and how God teaches us to forgive. Children played games, solved puzzles and studied the Bible. They also learned to make unique bookmarks for their books. Within “”Learning about God”” project together with Eugen Denyshchyk, the children from middle and high school discussed an interesting topic about “”Two Kings. Two Destinies””; they took example of two Biblical heroes – Saul and David. Children learned about consequences of the decisions and choices people make in life. They discussed the topic and shared their own life stories.
After the informative lessons everyone had a chance to get rest and relax at the Art-Salon, and to draw with hands. At the regular “”Women’s Club”” meeting the girls happily learned the art of manicure. And, of course, everyone enjoyed sweet treats brought by volunteers.

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