In March-April 2009, the volunteers of the “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” Charity Foundation held two events in Odesa: in the Centre for Socio-Psychological Rehabilitation for Children who are in complicated life circumstances, and city shelter #2.
It is nice to remember happy faces of children, who could repeat all the names of volunteers and children in the circle during the meeting-game. The “Association” game started and children from rehabilitation centre eagerly waited for their turn to answer. The game was not so easy, but they tried their best and helped each other. Even those who couldn’t read yet wanted to take part in the game. Regina Skydanova, Foundation’s volunteer, noted that “this time children opened up; they asked questions and told about themselves. We could talk to them, inspire them and motivate to pursuit their dream jobs”.
The psychologists state that children who are raised in boarding schools do not have enough opportunities for self-expression. The only possibility to express themselves would be school subjects, which are not easy for many of them. Thus, one of the game’s tasks is to provide a chance to be successful in other kinds of mental and physical activities in order to boost their self-confidence and self-esteem. Besides, another task is to teach the youngsters to work as a team, help others and learn to follow the rules for common good.

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