On June 04, “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” Charity Foundation held an annual “Breakthrough 2016” training for its volunteers in Vynohradar forest. The participants have actively spent time outdoors with their friends and colleagues.
It was a true teambuilding event aimed at creating strong ties and trusting relations amongst volunteers. The tasks only seemed simple and easy and in reality they could only be completed by the whole team. Their complexity and purpose helped participants to understand each other better and learn to cooperate. The main goal was not to compete and win, but conquer own fears, doubts and uncertainty. Everyone learned to listen to each other and stay optimistic in every situation.
We express our gratitude to SkyPark Company for providing rope tracks and special equipment for all participants. Balancing on the height of 4 to 10 meters above the ground, everyone could feel the adrenaline rising in their blood! And only support from instructors and from teammates helped to stay confident.
At the end of the training each team presented themselves in the format of “We are the best product ever” advertising campaign. Many thanks to the organisers who contributed to the great time during the event!
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