On December 08, the volunteers of our Foundation conducted a sixth meeting within “Business Lessons” project at the Kyiv boarding school #15 for children with poliomyelitis and cerebral palsy. During the meeting children and volunteers learned how to create their own business.
This meeting will be marked down in the project history as the day of producing the first trial batch of handmade soap. The students had several tasks: to evaluate color and aroma combinations, to estimate production time, and calculate net cost of the finished product.
At the end of the meeting everyone was tired from brain-storming, production tricks and numbers. However, this is only a beginning! Project participants will analyze their mistakes, make conclusions and move forward. This time children decided to give their first soaps as presents to their teachers.
“Business Lessons” project started in late October 2015. Since then, six working meetings have been held.

From Вторая поездка “Уроков по бизнесу” в школу-интернат №15 в декабре. Posted by БФ “Надія по всьому світові” on 12/14/2015 (14 items)

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