The “Children and War. Teaching Recovery Techniques” training took place on October 25-27 in Poltava within the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project. The training was conducted by project psychologists Iryna Sukhova and Tetiana Oboyanska. “The 21 participants are teachers and students of the Poltava National V.H. Korolenko Pedagogical University” says Iryna. – “It was in the premises of this university that we conducted the training. The traditions of the Ukrainian people were all around us, the spirit of the invincible Cossacks, the atmosphere of the most beautiful and cheerful girls. Together we studied, played, and enjoyed the resources and live communication. And at the end of the training, the participants sang the song “Chervona Ruta” as a sign of gratitude. It was incredibly inspiring! It is also very important that children in the Poltava region will now receive access to recovery techniques.”

The training was made possible thanks to the financial support of our partner, the Canada Ukraine Foundation.

Feedback from the participants.

Valentyna Berezan: “10 out of 10. Professional, comfortable, informative. Many thanks to the trainers for productive training, and to “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” for the incredible “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project and the opportunity to participate”.

Natalia Sulaieva: “10 out of 10. Highly professional trainers made my mind work, my heart flutter with joy, my soul sing. I hope that the outcomes of the “Children and War. Teaching Recovery Techniques” program will be high, the group participants will be happy, and Ukraine will be peaceful! Thank you very much!”

Olga Palekha: “Very informative training, which maintains a perfect balance between theoretical knowledge and practice-oriented techniques. Special thanks to the trainers for their high professionalism, patience and attention to everyone.”

Lilia Kononenko: “In professional terms, the training is invaluable. Thank you for your honorable and useful work. I even received something that I did not intend to get – not even the key to the problems, but the principle by which to find these keys! Thank you!”

Tetiana Dziuba: “I thank the trainers for their wonderful, creative and professional work. I felt an open space, the depth of the techniques that were performed during the work. The desire to implement and share this program with children and their parents.”

Inna Baranets: “I can give the training 100 points on a ten-point scale. In today’s fast-paced world, participation in the training is like a breath of fresh air! It is extremely important to learn, know and be able to help yourself and others. Thank you for these three days! I want more!”

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