The close cooperation of “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” (the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project) and “SOS: Civil Defense Headquarters” continues since October 2022. In order to take care of children who suffered from war, our partners united various funds and many entrepreneurs and launched the “For Children of War” project, aimed at the psychological rehabilitation of children from the frontline territories of Ukraine.

Within the framework of this project, children in times of severe stress have the opportunity to “take a break” and visit a camp in Kamianets-Podilskyy (Khmelnytskyi region). The camp offers an entertaining recreation program, master classes and guided tours, as well as psychological trainings for psycho-emotional recovery. The “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project provides the psychological component of this camp: 8 trainers of our project conduct “Children and War. TRT” therapy sessions for school-age children helping the participants to overcome pain, fears, intrusive memories, and other effects of war-related stress.

Thanks to the “Children and War. TRT” program, more than 200 children who attended the camp have already received psychological help (the majority of them are children from Kharkiv and Kherson regions). During therapy sessions, they communicate openly and sincerely and support each other, learn to trust others again. In the process of work, inner peace, confidence, and a sense of security return to them. They draw, play and get excited and happy to receive the presents – backpacks/art-kits with art supplies and warm blankets. The project continues and we are grateful to our partners – “SOS: Civil Defense Headquarters” for organizing the camp and fruitful cooperation, Canada-Ukraine Foundation for financial support, and to all our trainers for their experience, caring hearts and sincere love for children.

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