On March 04-06, 2024, a three-day “Children and War. Teaching Recovery Techniques” training program took place in Poltava. 25 participants, school psychologists, teachers, social pedagogues, shared that healing and recovery techniques are exactly the kind of psychological tool that is now very much needed in schools with many children from IDP families. In addition, due to war events in the country, local children are also often frightened, alarmed, and apathetic. Therefore, teachers and psychologists should know how to help children. Trainers who already have practical experience with the program also joined the training. They shared their experiences and details of working with children and their parents with the group.

The training was conducted by the psychologists of the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project – Iryna Sukhova and Tetyana Oboyanska. The event was held in cooperation with the Ostrogradsky Poltava Academy of Continuing Education and with the financial support of the Canada-Ukraine Foundation.

Feedback from participants.

Halyna Druzhynina: “Thank you very much for the resources, positivity, inspiration, for the opportunity to make sure that “I can!” For invaluable tools of working with children, for helping us and our children to feel happy”.

Svitlana Selvestrova: “It was very cool to be in a circle of like-minded people, to get such invaluable experience, this box of self-help techniques. I want to thank the trainers and organizers for the opportunity to switch, to recall that I also have a sense of humor and remember how to laugh, and enjoy the opportunity to learn something new (this feeling cannot be compared with anything)”.

Inna Bertash: “I am grateful the organizers and trainers of CF “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” the effective balance of knowledge that I will use for myself and people around me. The techniques and methods are super effective (I tried it on myself)!”

Vitaliya Yarosh: “Thank you, Iryna and Tetyana for effective healing and recovery techniques and tools. The training was interesting and intense. I will practice the knowledge I have gained with children and adults. After all, with many techniques, one can manage emotions and own condition! Thank you for your professionalism! ”

Alina Zenchenko: “I am thankful to the trainers of our project for intense, theoretically and practically meaningful training, positively colored, warm, atmospheric. I take with me th knowledge and experience, which, I hope, I will convey to children and adults. Thank you!”

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