In April, in the framework of the project “Helping Hand for Ukraine” in the Svatovsk regional special secondary boarding school for deaf and hearing-impaired children, in the Lugansk region, classes in the program “Children and War.Teaching Recovering Techniques” are held in two children’s groups at once. In one of them (for children with hearing impairment), classes are conducted by the teacher at this boarding school, Valentina Karmaza, and Olga Krivonos, a staff member at the Svatov Psychoneurological Hospital. They were trained as coaches in March 2019 and are now sharing their knowledge with those who need psycho-emotional help. Children with great interest relate to all exercises, and sign language does not prevent them or coaches from working with fears and heavy memories.
The second group of children is conducted by the psychologist of the boarding school, Victoria Mokhonko, and her daughter, Irina Mokhonko, a social worker at the local hospital. In this group, children have good hearing, but they have other limited health abilities. They find it difficult to understand many words, they write with difficulty and very slowly, but thanks to the efforts of the trainers, most of the techniques for regaining control of the memories and the state of their body have already been mastered.
We express our special gratitude for the incredible love for children and the openness to the new experience of the boarding school director Yury Dovbnich and head teacher Tatyana Buliy! Thanks to your active position and not indifferent hearts, 27 children from the orphanage received help under the program “Children and War” and got rid of their fears.

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