In the summer and autumn of 2020, the Luhansk region suffered from forest fires. Dozens of villages, hundreds of houses were completely or partially burned down, and the view from the windows of houses that miraculously survived resembles shots from disaster films. The misfortune and losses broke people, but also united, because hundreds of volunteers responded to this grief with their caring hearts: they brought and brought the essentials, invited them to visit, transferred money … Sirotino is one of these affected villages, which is located within the city of Severodonetsk. On October 1, 170 houses were completely burnt down here in one night, and many of them partially. 4 people died and hundreds of people were left without a roof over their heads. Thousands of people now live with a bleeding wound in their hearts, panicky nightly fear and caustic resentment, with anxiety for their future and the future of their children. A fire dreams at night and does not disappear from memory during the day, because burnt houses with their black bricks remind of the tragedy every day. On the street of the Shkolnaya village of Sirotino, there is a school – small and cozy, built with love. Among her students are 45 children, whose houses were damaged by fire and who lost loved ones. For those who study in elementary grades, psychologists from the Helping Hand for Ukraine project have been conducting classes under the “Children and War.Teaching Recovering Techniques” program for two months. It helps the guys to deal with their fears, nightmares and intrusive memories. They learn to talk about their feelings and control painful emotions. It is very hard work – listening to the stories of children, seeing their pictures of the fire and the dead pets, so the trainers wipe away their tears from time to time, but continue to teach. Exercises and techniques of the program gradually heal wounds, to this are added “healing” hugs, support for the group, smiles of children, as well as wonderful gifts from our partners – backpacks with a set of office supplies for practicing art therapy and pleasant little things. May the past remain in the past, dear children and coaches, and may the future be bright and happy!

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