In Volyn there is a small town – Gorokhiv. Small in size, but the people who live here have big hearts, loving and bright. Four wonderful trainers of the program “Children and War. Teaching Recovering Techniques” work in Gorokhiv with adults and children injured by the war. Thank you, incredible Marina Sokol, Maryana Kozosh, Maryana Davydyuk and Oksana Lugovska-Fesenko, for your love and inspiration! Photos and reviews of group participants will tell more about the work of our coaches.

I express my sincere gratitude to the organizers and lecturers for creating the group of psychological support! Your professional abilities and unsurpassed charisma, despite the war, inspire you to move, to live, to love … to invest a part of yourself in good deeds! The trainings conducted by you make me stop, rethink life before the war and during the war! They help not to lose myself, but on the contrary – help those who also need support! When we return to our hometown, we remember your instructions and advice in those moments when we stop ourselves and do not let negative emotions move us! You can realize the hope of perceiving the world differently!
Iryna, Brovary, Kyiv region.

My dear girls Maryanka and Marinka! Honestly, I fell in love with you, revealed my psychological problems, such as self-doubt, overcame some fears, I understood what I needed, and for the most part I understood what I wanted in this life, I managed to cope with PTSD. You are incredible, it is a pity that I did not have the opportunity to meet you before. It’s just that fate brought me to be with you. You are the only ones who helped me.
Olena, Gorokhiv, Volyn region.

At the beginning of March this year, my family moved from Mykolayiv to Gorokhiv. It was a quick but difficult decision. For 8 weeks Gorokhiv has been home to me, my husband and our children. We were greeted with great care and warmth. But psychologically it was very difficult. We felt guilty that we had gone; devaluation of щгк feelings (because someone had to go through much more); isolation, irritability, anger, apathy, mood swings; shame to accept help; detachment from reality, inability to make plans for the future; grief for parents and the inability to hug them; a lot of fears; poor sleep, various disorders of the body. The social worker introduced me to Marina Sokol, and so I got into a group of women who became very close to me in our cohabitation. They gave me the tools to help me cope with my feelings. I learned that everything that happens to me is normal at such an abnormal time, and others have the same feelings. The openness of other women was healing for me. The war also released my old dragons and I managed to put them in order. They sleep quietly in caves, and some flew away. For me, these meetings were like a treasure. It is difficult for me to convey value in words, but I am grateful with all my heart and soul. And many thanks to those who made this program possible for me for free.
Elena, Mykolayiv.

Once again, I am sincerely grateful to you for the time, for the knowledge and the usual everyday conversations about everything! Thank you all, girls! No wonder we met with you! Each of us needed it!
Inna, Kharkiv.

You are wonderful and each of you has its own improbability. I don’t even remember when I had such a cool and useful time before our acquaintance, 2 hours flew by like 2 minutes. THANK YOU. It is simply impossible to convey all the emotions and impressions I received during the lesson, everything was unsurpassed! I met confident and successful girls. I really liked the atmosphere of trust in our group, thanks to which I felt real changes. I am proud of each participant of the incredible project.
Tanya, psychologist, Gorokhiv, Volyn region.

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