On December 16, a trip to the Mostyshche Boarding School took place. Volunteers of the “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” Charity Foundation this time conducted a special program for every age group. Yana Filonenko organized warm talks at the tea table for the participants of the «Ladies Club». They discussed the events of the year, the brightest moments, ate sweets and got prepared for the disco. The boys of the senior grades under supervision of Vladimir Mos’ played the «Manager» game. Afterwards, they discussed how it could help in their lives, and then talked joyfully at the table. Art therapy class for the pupils of middle classes was also joyful: colouring books, chants, exercises and of course preparation for the disco. Pupils of the junior classes became the participants of the Christmas program from Robik, and at the end of it everybody ate the cake, cooked and brought specially for them. Every child got a small present and the ending of this wonderful day became a fantastic disco from Dmitry Yakubovsky.

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