At the end of 2023, thanks to the joint efforts of the “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” Charity Foundation, volunteer Oksana Shakhmatenko and a donor from Poland, dosimetric equipment from Europe was brought as donation to Ukraine. Polish specialists from RADCARD presented their Ukrainian colleagues from “Dosymetryka” scientific enterprise (Kyiv) with an automatic thermoluminescent reader TLD reader HARSHAW 6600 S/H, a device for registering readings of thermoluminescent wrist dosimeters for measuring background radiation and whole body dose.

“We have managed to significantly strengthen our capabilities to reliably perform IDM of occupational exposure,” the experts of “Dosymetryka” scientific enterprise wrote on their website. – At the beginning of the year, a HARSHAW 6600 TLD reader was put into operation. At the end of the year, we received two more similar readers as a gift from our Polish colleagues from RADCARD, which are not new, but are extremely necessary as donors of spare parts for such unique equipment.”

We wish “Dosymetryka” scientific enterprise success and fruitful work in the future!

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