On October 20, the volunteers of our Foundation conducted a first meeting within the frames of “”Business Lessons”” project at the Kyiv boarding school #15 for children with poliomyelitis sequelae and cerebral palsy.
The success stories of three known transnational companies were presented. These business cases shoved the participants that ideas are around us and success does not depend on the situation in society. The participants of the meeting have also understood that the heroes in these stories had felt a desire to create needed products and not a desire to become rich.
“”Business Lessons”” Project is a new project of our Foundation. It will be realized during the 2015-2016 school year. Its goal is to support participants in finding profitable and useful business ideas. The project will include studying the topics of production management, algorithm and methods of market research, product segmenting and positioning, marketing and advertising, algorithm of developing a business plan as well as the legal aspects of entrepreneurship. It is important to notice that the project does not imply theoretical studies, but a practical course with real profit products created by the project participants.

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