On May 7, the volunteers of our Foundation traditionally greeted the veterans in Kyiv Geriatric Nursing Home on the happy occasion of Victory Day.
Despite the rainy weather, the atmosphere in Kyiv Geriatric Nursing Home was sunny and warm. The festive concert was held – adults and kids were performing together. The young actors from the “Wings” art studio showed a short play, which touched everyone.
People who survived from bombing, hunger, concentration camps, sat in the hall and watched the youngest performers excitingly. They are always ready to help their children and grandchildren in solving their urgent, yet so little (comparing to war) problems. They wish for their children not to witness war.
In addition to the concert, the volunteers prepared sweet treats; they also made greeting cards and gave them to the veterans with flowers. Oleh Kharchenko also divided volunteers into groups and they went to the rooms to greet those veterans who stay on bedrest. The elderly welcomed everyone happily in their rooms and thanked for all the love and attention.
We also thank all volunteers who helped to organize this wonderful celebration!
Photos from event.

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