We see in the photo happy children and adults who are being healed from the wounds of war. Almost a miracle. What’s the secret? How is this achieved? The personality of a psychological training coach is very important. As well as the personality of the teacher at school. The coach must be sensitive and attentive, deep and friendly to everyone. And it is very important when he/she enjoys its work. A happy teacher / coach and students are happy.
Creating a friendly atmosphere in the project, supporting young and experienced trainers of the program “Children and War. Teaching Recovering Techniques”, providing everything necessary, caring for the needs – the team of the project “Helping Hand for Ukraine” is doing everything to ensure that our psychologists have the mood and strength to work.

Feedback from project psychologists who recently received training in the program “Children and War” and in April-May 2022 conducted group classes for children and adults.

Mariana Kozosh (Gorokhiv, Volyn region): “We have completed the training “Children and War” with the group. There were many oral responses. All positive. One participant said she did not know how to live without our meetings now. People are asked to continue the meetings. It is so important for them to be listened to, accepted, understood”.

Olesya Kochkina (Rozhysche, Volyn region): “Thank you very much for your work! Very extensive and useful course, interesting and useful to work with children. The main thing is that we quickly see the results in children, their condition has improved, they have acquired new knowledge and skills, become more stable and confident; and we, the coaches, too!”

Diana Sport (Khmelnytsky): “Today I received a coach’s certificate. There is no limit to joy and pride. Hooray. The path was thorny and emotional, the range of emotions was different. It is really not easy to do now in the conditions of war. But we did it, we worked with children, parents and with ourselves as well. Thank you to the coaches for this opportunity. I wish everyone peace and tranquility”.

Maria Zamishchak (Drohobych, Lviv region): “Glory to Ukraine! Ms. Irina, we have finished working with adults. They are also satisfied. People are grateful that we brought them back to life – these are their words. They exchanged addresses, invited guests to Kyiv and Kharkiv. Thank you for your understanding, science, support, help. Thank you for being there and for being in this project”.

Marina Sokol (Gorokhiv, Volyn region): “Thank you for leading us through these difficult days of the war. I was very afraid to go where there is pain and uncertainty, I had not worked with someone else’s injury before. Thanks to my incredible co-coach Mariana, who was always there and helped to overcome my fears and doubts. Sorry, colleagues, I write a lot, but incredible emotions of joy are now filling my heart.
The joy of being able to go where it was scary, plus the joy of helping people, we pumped ourselves as professionals and did a good job. Happy to be a part of such an incredible project!”

Thank you for the provided photos of Yulia Zabara and Galina Shaida (Dnipro), Elina Panasenko and Sofia Berezka (Dnipro), Victoria Baranova, Tatiana Gurman and Nadezhda Gurman (Chernomorsk, Odesa region), Maria Ivchenko and Galina Gamal (Lviv).

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