On June 02, the volunteers of HOPE Singles Corps project together with the students-participants of the M.A.D. project of HOPE worldwide Ukraine visited Kyiv Geriatric Nursing Home, located on Budarina st., 11. The volunteers spent several woderful hours communicating with the elderly, having tean and sweets together. The residents of the nursing home had a chance to mee the young people, share about their lives and even hodl a litle song contest together. The volunteers also visited those elderly who are staying at their rooms due to the health conditions.

Here are several feedbacks from the HSC volunteers.

Wade Cook (Denver, USA, vice-president of HOPE worldwide in USA):
“I was most impressed by the level of relationship HOPEww Ukraine has with the residents. It is obvious you love them and they love seeing you. It is always nice to have cookies, coffee and tea, but I most enjoyed interacting with the men and women who live in the home. They seemed to love talking, laughing and singing.”

Nicole Adame (Colorado, USA):
“During our time there, we visited residents, passing out sweet bread, and they told us about their lives. Many shared that they ended up there because they had lost loved ones and had no one else to care for them. It broke my heart to think that some of these residents would die alone. So it’s no wonder that they would light up when we came to visit them! Visiting them reminded me of how valuable time is because we don’t have it for long here on earth. ”

Megan Schwaller (Chicago, USA)
“I was overwhelmed at first. How can I make an impact on these people when we don’t speak the same language? But I remember Vladimir said something before we all went in that really comforted me. He said, “it’s okay if your uncomfortable. That’s to be expected.” It was an uncomfortable experience to try and give to someone who you can’t verbally communicate with but God taught me that love has no barriers. God’s universal language of love can be delivered and received in any, and in all kinds of circumstances.”

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