On June 03, the volunteers of HOPE Singles Corps project along with the students-participants of the M.A.D. project of HOPE worldwide Ukraine visited the temporary camp for internally displaced people in Korostyshiv. It has been a wonderful time together with children and parents who were happy to welcome guests. The volunteers had a lot of fun, socializing and games. They also had an opportunity to see theconditions in which people live in the camp.
Here are several feedbacks from the HSC volunteers.

Wade Cook (Denver, USA, vice-president of HOPE worldwide in USA):
“I really enjoyed playing with the kids and I really appreciated the tour we got of the camp. I learned a lot about the camp’s history, how the people came to be in this camp and the really tough conditions in which they live (no central heating in the winter, cooking by fire, sporadic electricity, etc…)”

Nicole Adame (Colorado, USA):
“A refugee recounted of her arrival to the camp with her husband and children. She told us that they had to evacuate their home with only the clothes on their backs. When first arriving to the camp, living conditions were very difficult. In one building there were 100 refugees sharing one bathroom. I will never be able to imagine and probably will never have to experience what it is like to lose everything I own due to war. Spending time with these families has challenged me to grow in my compassion and gratitude.”

Megan Schwaller (Chicago, USA)
“Serving at the refugee camp was an incredibly humbling experience. What moved me the most was how full of love and joy these kids were despite their circumstances. Despite the pain and hurt they’ve experienced, and the fact that they didn’t have much, they shared so much love and joy with us.”

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